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Our customers often tell our technicians that we give the best advice and most succinct explanations when it comes to the garage door repair and maintenance services that we perform. Realizing that we could be helping more people, have decided to put up this FAQ page so prospective clients and normal browsers alike might learn about the intricacies of the garage door industry.

Is splicing a recommended solution to fix garage door broken spring coil?

Our specialists explain you can resort to splicing the broken garage door spring coil only as a temporary solution to fix your broken spring coil. Sooner or later another coil in your spring might break causing harm or damage to property so it is best to do a broken spring replacement as a long term solution

What are the standard sizes of overhead garage doors?

Most overhead doors have a width of anywhere between 8 feet to 20 feet. They come in 1-foot increments. Standard heights, on the other hand, are 7 feet and 8 feet. There are residential garage door companies that may offer garage door series with odd heights and widths if the standard sizes do not meet your specifications

What are the points to consider when choosing a garage door opener?

There are two important considerations when choosing the best garage door opener for the gate according to our specialists. First, is the door’s weight, since there is a limit to the weight that different openers can support. Second, is the gate\u2019s duty cycle. Gates with high duty applications require heavier duty openers than those with light duty applications

How can oil tempered garage door springs be kept from easily losing their tensile strength?

There are two important things to remember to maintain your oil tempered garage door springs\u2019 tensile strength. First, be sure you have the right size of spring for your garage door. The second important point is to make sure the garage door is always balanced.