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Garage Door Fixes

Our technicians specialize in providing local homeowners all sorts of garage door repair and installation services. Whether you need a new opener, or your old springs are about to break, we're the team to call. Take a look at some of our latest projects below.

Opener Repair Near Canarsie | Brooklyn, NY

Opener Repair

Customer Issue: Mrs. Woods noticed that her garage door made a lot of noise when she opened and closed it coming in and out while doing errands. She had concerns it might break down.
Our Solution: We tested the garage door for ourselves to determine the root of the problem, and found that the issue seemed to be with Mrs. Woods’ Genie 3042-TKH garage door opener. Our professionals disconnected and opened it to find the cause of the trouble. The motor had worn from years of use, so we replaced it.

Guadalupe Woods - Canarsie
New Garage Door Installation | Flatlands | Brooklyn, NY

New Garage Door Installation

Customer Issue: The Lasker family needed a new automatic overhead door set up for their new garage, and had particular wishes for its performance and appearance.
Our Solution: The customer wanted a double layered and insulated Amarr steel-2000 series door, and had sized her new garage for it. To best support it, our team helped pick out and install a LiftMaster/Elite 8500 wall mounted garage door opener and a 971LM remote control.

Vesta Lasker - Flatlands
Panel Replacement Project | Garage Door Repair Brooklyn, NY

Panel Replacement

Customer Issue: A car accident caused heavy damage to the customer’s door. Most of the panels and hinges needed replacement.
Our Solution: The customer decided to replace the whole door, as it was already old. Our team put in a set of Raynor FlexRe-Fit thermal adaptive panels and hinges, and then tested the door to make sure it worked with the opener and tracks.

Ilya Namitz - Bushwick
Garage Door Off Track | Garage Door Repair Brooklyn, NY

Garage Door Off Track

Customer Issue: The garage door was hanging on one side 
Our Solution: Our first step involved replacing the snapped cable responsible for the problem. Then we adjusted the door back into place and replaced a roller with a twisted stem. Our check revealed the track was intact, so we tested the door and it was working properly.

Carl Hicks - Brooklyn
Opener Remote Control Failed | Garage Door Repair Brooklyn, NY

Opener Remote Control Failed

Customer Issue: Faulty opener remote control.
Our Solution: The LiftMaster remote wasn't working even with new batteries, so we replaced it with a new one compatible with the customer's opener model 3280. We programmed the device to work with the automatic garage door and ensured it functioned properly.

Christine Porter - Hempstead
Spring Replacement | Garage Door Repair Brooklyn, NY

Spring Replacement

Customer Issue: Broken torsion spring.
Our Solution: The safety cable was holding the garage door in place, but we hurried to replace the torsion spring with a new one of the same design and size. After connecting it to the pulley and securing it in place, we ran the door several times to ensure smooth operation.

Sam Barnes - Brooklyn

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