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From Clopay to Amarr, we work with the best garage door brands in NY! Regardless of the make, brand or year, we can professionally repair, install, maintain and replace any part of your door, and of course the door itself!

Brands we provide service for: Genie, Marantec, Liftmaster, Sears, Craftsman, Allister, Chamberlain
Address: 27th St
Brooklyn, NY
Zip code: 11235
Phone: +1-718-885-4949
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Residential Garage Door Replacement, Maintenance & Installation

Trusted, reliable garage door repair services is what we at Garage Door Repair Brooklyn are known for. Our company offers torsion and extension spring replacement and garage door cable replacement. Spring and cable repair services are also available. For urgent matters, we additionally offer garage door emergency repairs. Installation of new garage doors and openers is also possible with our technicians. Finally, our company can conduct maintenance for your garage door including minor repairs, safety tests, and replacement of worn parts, just to name a few.

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Garage Door Repair Services

We can provide safe and professional garage door repair services locally. Our company repairs garage doors, springs, and cables and can offer replacement services for them as well. We fulfill emergency garage door repair services as well, and conduct minor maintenance and checkups.

Garage Door Openers

We understand various aspects of garage doors, and how and when they can fail. From our experiences, garage door openers often malfunction quite frequently. Whether it’s from misuse, age, or environmental corrosion, garage door openers will eventually exhibit operational problems. Our team of technicians, however, will be able to identify these issues and find out which parts need fixing or replacement. Common problems with chains, motors and tracks can be effectively assessed by our team, and we can give you trustworthy advice on whether repair or replacement is more viable. Your garage door openers will operate at maximum capacity once we take a look at them.

Garage Door Springs

Other moving parts, such as garage door springs, are also prone to damage and to wear and tear. Being one of the most crucial moving parts in the mechanism, we often see a lot of problems with stuck, malfunctioning or rusted springs with our clients. Thus, our garage door spring repair service is assured to be comprehensive and professional. We can identify common garage door spring problems, and tell you if they can be repaired, or if there is a need for replacement. Connectivity and performance issues with other parts in springs can also be determined to make sure your garage door is performing at top efficiency.

We are local

Finally, our services are available right here at New York. We specialize in providing services in your locality, including making sure that garage door repair parts are always available. With our service team always situated nearby, we’ll be able to address your garage door problems with unparalleled swiftness and punctuality. Urgent matters such as emergency repairs can be taken care of with minimal travel time and waiting, enabling a more responsive experience. No need to opt for faraway repair services who might not deliver with quality and timeliness — with our services, you’ll have peace of mind for sure.

For any concerns regarding your garage door, we’re the company to rely on. Spring repair, cable replacement, emergency replacements — we at Garage Door Repair Brooklyn can handle them all. Browse our site and see for yourself, and don’t hesitate: give us a call today!

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