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Is your automated garage door or opener in need of maintenance? Are you unsure who to call? Don’t worry, we’re right here! Read all about our service her and call us now for help!

Garage door maintenance Having an automated garage door is really great. Not only does it provide safety and security for you and your family, but it’s extremely convenient too! Imagine coming home after a long family vacation just as it starts pouring with rain. The last thing you would feel like doing is braving the elements to manually open your garage door. Rather let us keep you warm, comfortable and dry. Not only do we professionally install these doors, we’re also experts at automatic garage door repair. This includes your door’s corresponding opener.

Installing the door is the fun part. Garage door maintenance requires a bit more work. Regular maintenance and servicing is key in ensuring that you get the most out of your door, and that it lasts you for plenty of years to come.

We pride ourselves on offering reliable, reputable and professional services. Our goal is to make sure that your door is functioning the way that it should, and that you receive a memorable and positive customer experience.

Do you fix any type of garage door?

There are many different types of automated garage doors out there, and you’ve probably seen most of them. There are traditional wooden doors, dramatic steel doors and even some gorgeous glass garage doors. However, they all have similar components to make them function. DIY maintenance may differ according to the material used to make the door. This mainly relates to keeping the door clean and keeping all moving parts lubricated. However, when it comes to replacing or fixing these parts, we’re here to help! No matter what type of door, we’ll be there to fix it!

What about openers?

There are many different brands of openers out there. The most popular ones being Liftmaster, Genie and Chamberlain. We fix most well-known brands so there’s no need for you to worry. We know how important an opener is to an electric garage door and we really don’t want to see you standing in the rain struggling to manually open your garage door!

Do your garage door maintenance services extend to springs?

Yes, they do. Your garage door spring system is responsible for physically moving your door up and down. This means that they carry a massive amount of weight and replacing them should only be done by professionals such as us. It doesn’t matter if you have a torsion or extension spring system, we replace both!

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