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Creativity is best promoted by sharing ideas. We have thus compiled our best tips and now share them with you, our valued customers, to optimize the functioning of your garage door systems. We promise to keep this list growing as new ideas pour in. Pitch in your tips and tricks too!

Do not tamper with dangerous springs

Springs are most vulnerable to damage. If it is not resolved immediately, could cause a major breakdown that will hamper the normal routine in your household. However, our expert technicians reiterate it is not advisable to tamper with damaged springs, since this part is subjected to a high amount of tension that could leave you with wounded fingers at the very least.

Lubricate your garage doors at least every six months to ensure smooth operation

Lubrication maintenance is one of the simplest techniques to ensure the smooth operation of garage doors. If there is no other problem with the unit, homeowners can attempt this on their own, carefully. The door\u2019s moving parts need to be lubricated to work properly.

Keep your door protected against extremely cold temperatures

While the hot weather does not have an impact on your garage doors, freezing temperatures do. That\u2019s why our garage door service specialists recommend an application of good insulation techniques to keep the cold out. It will not only make your home energy efficient but the garage doors durable.

Carriage doors are your best choice to match a vintage home

Carriage doors are the old designs of garage doors that are now being adapted to give vintage and Victorian homes an option to match their exteriors. The good news is that carriage doors are made to work like standard overhead doors so individuals will not have to sacrifice function with form.